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Companion animals

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Usage :

• To remove everyday built up dirt & oil residues
• For healthy & shiny coat
• For long lasting glow on the coat
Available in 185 ml pack


Composition :

Shampoo enriched with Protein & Vit. E with Lavender fragrance


Directions for use

Directions for Use :

Wet the pet with lukewarm water.  Take optimum amount of shampoo on the hand & rub it against the skin / hair coat so as to form uniform lather.  Wait for 5 to 10 min. & rinse it with ample amount of water. Dry with towel, brush & comb completely. Use regularly to remove residues, built-up oils to maintain healthy & glowing body coat
Your veterinarian is the best source of advise regarding your pet's needs.


Available in 200 ml bottle