All vetoquinol products

  • Improves mineral availability in body, water & soil and development of external skeleton, Helps to maintain osmotic balance in fishes & prawns, Improves molting & disease

  • Sulphadiazine & Trimethoprim bolus for diarrhoea in ruminants.Anti diarrhoeal bolus.

  • VOXIM Ceftizoxime, is an injectable antibiotic used
     for cattle  to treat Mastistis

  • The Wonderful Ceftriaxone Sodium Injection.3rd generation Ceftriaxone for Subclinical & Clinical Mastitis treatmeent.

  •  Ceftriaxone Sodium & Tazobactam Sodium inj for better recovery in complicated mastitis.Complicated Mastitis treatment with Ceftriaxone Sodium & Tazobactam Sodium inj

  • Wocef-0.5 contains Ceftriaxone, is an injectable antibiotic used for dogs and cats. Its a third generation injectable cephalosporin used to treat bacterial infections.Wocef 0.5 gm is an injectable antibiotic for dogs & cats


  • Ceftiofur sodium inj for Respiratory & Reproductive infecions.To treat BRD and Metritis

  • Probiotic bolus supplementation for ruminants (Cattle and Buffalo).Unique probiotic for anorexia & indgestion

  • Wokazole Plus, an effective antibacterial, antifungal, anti-inflammatory & anti- pruritic skin lotion for pets.

  • Dextrose Infusion for Hypoglycemia, Ketosis &  Debility.Dextrose Infusion with Eurohead.