All vetoquinol products

  • Nutrisam briskrit a daily feed supplement that fullfills the Mineral & Vitamin deficiencies in pets.A daily mineral & vitamin supplement for pets that compensates the nutritional deficit.


  • The first essential amino acid, Micoencapsualted Methionine 40 %.Micoencapsualted Methionine 40 % for protein synthesis

  • Prazisam Plus, a single dose broad spectrum dewormer helps in elimination of internal parasites like Roundworms, Hookworms,
    Whipworms & Tapeworms in dogs.Prazisam Plus a single dose broad spectrum dewormer for dogs.


  • Time tested glucocorticoid for use in ketosis,& rheumatoid arthritis.PREDNISELONE useful in treatment of primary ketosis in dairy cattle & rheumatoid arthritis in cattle, horses & dogs.

  • Antiinflammatory, Antipyretic.Proxyvet MP is an effective antipyretic with analgesic.

  • Reltix Shampoo for controlling ectoparasitic infestation of ticks, fleas and lice in dogs.Reltix Shampoo for control of ticks, fleas and lice in dogs.


  • Disinfection of poultry houses

  • Disinfection of Aquaculture farming

  • Oedema of various types.Oedema of various types

  • A Trusted Brand of Electrolytes with Eurohead.No.1 Electrolyte infusion with Eurohead