All vetoquinol products

  • Chicks growth, Avitaminosis & Malnutrition .

  • Improves feed efficiency, growth & survival rate

  • Dermichlor is anti-bacterial and anti-fungal  spray with deodorant for skin infections in dogs & cats.Anti-bacterial and anti-fungal easy to use spray for pets with deodorant.


  • Blend of essential oils which works as a decongestant, mucolytic expectorant and has cleansing properties.It has antimicrobial property and enhances the immune functions

  • Organic acids, Inporganic acid and essential oils combination to improves water quality .

  • Injectable Long Acting ENDECTOCIDE.For extended control and treatment of internal and external parasites

  • Injectable FLUKICIDE AND ENDECTOCIDE.Ivermectin & Clorsulon Endectocide

  • Instant & sustain energy supplement for ruminants

  • For effective mycoplasma control Effective against CRD as well as other bacterial infection in upper respiratory tract.For effective mycoplasma control .

  • Fixotic Advance spray a fast-acting treatment and control of adult fleas and ticks. Also Insect growth regulator property  inhibits the life cycle of fleas for adult dogs and cats.Fixotic Advance easy to use and fast absorption in the body. Fixotic advance gives one month protction against ticks and three month protection against fleas.