All vetoquinol products

  • For better nutrient digestion, utilization, gut health improvement & cost economization of feed formulation .Cost economization of feed formulation .

  • Prevention of fatty liver, mycotoxicosis &  support of treatment with antibiotics, antimycoplsmals & antihelmintics.Improve liver conditions .


  • Chicks growth, Avitaminosis & Malnutrition .

  • Improves feed efficiency, growth & survival rate

  • Dermichlor is anti-bacterial and anti-fungal  spray with deodorant for skin infections in dogs & cats.Anti-bacterial and anti-fungal easy to use spray for pets with deodorant.


  • Blend of essential oils which works as a decongestant, mucolytic expectorant and has cleansing properties.It has antimicrobial property and enhances the immune functions

  • Organic acids, Inporganic acid and essential oils combination to improves water quality .

  • Injectable Long Acting ENDECTOCIDE.For extended control and treatment of internal and external parasites

  • Injectable FLUKICIDE AND ENDECTOCIDE.Ivermectin & Clorsulon Endectocide

  • Instant & sustain energy supplement for ruminants