All vetoquinol products

  • Probiotic supplementation for ruminants (Cattle and Buffalo).Probiotic with Sea weed powder for ruminants

  • Helps to decompose diverse organic matter and eliminates harmful gases like Ammonia, hydrogen sulphate and nitrite.

  • Anti-Bloat for various kinds of bloat including frothy bloat.BLOATOSIL to treat Bloat in single shot with full compliance.

  • Management  of Pyrexia & Pain As a supportive therapy in high fever cases as in Ephemeral fever (3 day sickness) .Management  of Pyrexia & Pain                        

  • Various type of stress conditions in poultry like handling,brooding, vaccination, debeaking etc.Various type of stress conditions in poultry


  • Various type of stress conditions in Aquaculture and improves the intestinal health.

  • Infusion for Hypocalcemia .For treatment of Milk fever.

  • For prevention & treatment of hypocalcemia in cows & buffaloes particularly during pre-parturition & post-parturition period.

  • For better nutrient digestion, utilization, gut health improvement & cost economization of feed formulation .Cost economization of feed formulation .

  • Prevention of fatty liver, mycotoxicosis &  support of treatment with antibiotics, antimycoplsmals & antihelmintics.Improve liver conditions .