All vetoquinol products

  • For treatment & prevention of coccidiosis in replacement chicks, layers, breeders,For treatment & prevention of coccidiosis

  • For the treatement of Round worms, Tape worms & Liver flukes infestation.Dewormer for cattle and Buffalo.

  • Support in all type of anemic condition & for improvement in general health in birds.Support in all type of anemic conditions

  • Improves growth rate, body weight, feed conversion ration and general health and growth of aquaculture

  • aRBCe Pet is scientifically designed haematinic with highly bioavailable glycine chelated minerals.Nutritional feed supplement.aRBCe Pet is scientifically designed haematinic for Dogs & Cats.


  • Ideal Oral Haematinic for Ruminants. Glycine Chelated Oral Hematinic as per Ruminant Needs

  • For effective prevention & treatment of mycoplasma
    Effective against CRD as well as other bacterial infection in upper respiratory tract
  • Improves appetitie, Liver function, health and performance.Vit. B complex & liver extract injection.

  • Improve gut health & exclude harmful pathogens from gut .

  • Improves the gut function & keeps gut healthy by implanting beneficial bacteria in gut and controlls the growth of pathogenic bacteria