Our products for AQUA

 We now offer a line of feed supplements and other products  that will surely meet your expectations and your Aqua specific needs.

  • aRBCe

    Improves growth rate, body weight, feed conversion ration and general health and growth of aquaculture


    Improves the gut function & keeps gut healthy by implanting beneficial bacteria in gut and controlls the growth of pathogenic bacteria


    Helps to decompose diverse organic matter and eliminates harmful gases like Ammonia, hydrogen sulphate and nitrite.

  • BIOVET-SP Plus

    A Powerful microbial tool for bioremediation


    Various type of stress conditions in Aquaculture and improves the intestinal health.


    Improves feed efficiency, growth & survival rate

  • Merical Aqua

    Helps to support development of exoskeleton in shrimp


    Disinfection of Aquaculture farming

  • Toxorid-Aqua

    Exchanging of ions  and  attracts & absorbs different types of gases, Reduces ammmonia level in aquaculture water

  • VETOMIN S Aqua

    Improves mineral availability in body, water & soil and development of external skeleton, Helps to maintain osmotic balance in fishes & prawns, Improves molting & disease