Our products for INTERNAL MEDICINE


Our pets often suffer from long-term or chronic illnesses. Vetoquinol consistently strives to enhance the welfare of cats and dogs; our key objective is therefore to offer solutions for daily relief and support.

  • Improves appetitie, Liver function, health and performance.Vit. B complex & liver extract injection.

  • For prevention & treatment of hypocalcemia in cows & buffaloes particularly during pre-parturition & post-parturition period.

  • Multivitamin & Natural Derivatives Supplement For Prevention & treatment of hypocalcemia in cows & buffaloes

  • Injectable phosphorus recommended in Pica condition in ruminants. For Phosporus deficiency

  • For prevention & treatment of Trypanosomiasis (Surra) in Camel, Cattle, Horse, Sheep & Goat.For prevention & treatment of Trypanosomiasis (Surra).

  • FOR TREAT MENT OF TRYPANOSOMIASIS IN CATTLE, HORSE,SHEEP,GOAT.TRIQUIN-S  is used for treatment of surra or trypanosomiasis.