Our products for FEED SUPPLEMENTS


Vetoquinol provide a wide range of feed supplements for cattle, poultry and companion animals, which helps to achieve efficacy and profitability objective.

  • Improves growth rate, body weight, feed conversion ration and general health and growth of aquaculture

  • Support in all type of anemic condition & for improvement in general health in birds.Support in all type of anemic conditions

  • aRBCe Pet is scientifically designed haematinic with highly bioavailable glycine chelated minerals.Nutritional feed supplement.aRBCe Pet is scientifically designed haematinic for Dogs & Cats.


  • Ideal Oral Haematinic for Ruminants. Glycine Chelated Oral Hematinic as per Ruminant Needs

  • Improves the gut function & keeps gut healthy by implanting beneficial bacteria in gut and controlls the growth of pathogenic bacteria

  • Improve gut health & exclude harmful pathogens from gut .

  • Probiotic supplementation for ruminants (Cattle and Buffalo).Probiotic with Sea weed powder for ruminants

  • Helps to decompose diverse organic matter and eliminates harmful gases like Ammonia, hydrogen sulphate and nitrite.

  • A Powerful microbial tool for bioremediation

  • Various type of stress conditions in poultry like handling,brooding, vaccination, debeaking etc.Various type of stress conditions in poultry


  • Various type of stress conditions in Aquaculture and improves the intestinal health.

  • For better nutrient digestion, utilization, gut health improvement & cost economization of feed formulation .Cost economization of feed formulation .

  • Prevention of fatty liver, mycotoxicosis &  support of treatment with antibiotics, antimycoplsmals & antihelmintics.Improve liver conditions .


  • Improves feed efficiency, growth & survival rate

  • Chicks growth, Avitaminosis & Malnutrition .

  • Health Up  pro a mutli aminoacid & multivitamin feed supplement for healthy gorowth & development, to make pets active & alert.A Multiaminoacid & vitamins health Supplement for pets that caters PROfessionally.


  • Helps to support development of exoskeleton in shrimp

  • Merical Pet DS briskit is a palatable
    Calcium & Phosphorus briskit with accurate 1:1.29 ratio and having double strength formula


  • Merical Pet liquid is a palatable feed supplement of Calcium & Phosphorus  with other essential nutrients for spontaneous intake by dogs and cats.


  • Homogenious Liquid oral calcium supplement.
    Single strength Homogenous clear liquid oral calium & phosphorus solution

  • Glycine Chelated, double strength liquid oral calcium supplement with strawberry flavour

  • Vitamin supplementation

  • Weaning food for puppies and kittens, enriched with probiotics and enzyme

  • Micoencapsualted Nicotinic acid 40 %.Prevent Ketosis with Micoencapsualted Nicotinic acid 40 %

  • Nutrisam briskrit a daily feed supplement that fullfills the Mineral & Vitamin deficiencies in pets.A daily mineral & vitamin supplement for pets that compensates the nutritional deficit.


  • The first essential amino acid, Micoencapsualted Methionine 40 %.Micoencapsualted Methionine 40 % for protein synthesis

  • Samfur, a Biotin enriched nutritional feed supplement with natural egg protein. Helps to improve coat texture & useful in controlling hair loss.The Biotin enriched feed supplement to improve coat texture and counter hair fall problems in pets.

  • For effective control of mycotoxins in feed

  • For effective control of mycotoxins in feed

  • Exchanging of ions  and  attracts & absorbs different types of gases, Reduces ammmonia level in aquaculture water

  • Concentrated blend of Prebiotics and Probiotics to imrpoves gut ecology and improves nutrient digestion & absorption and also improves immunity

  • Glycine Chelated Minerals Formula.Glycine chelated Minerals formula to improve fertility & conception rate

  • Improves mineral availability in body, water & soil and development of external skeleton, Helps to maintain osmotic balance in fishes & prawns, Improves molting & disease

  • Probiotic bolus supplementation for ruminants (Cattle and Buffalo).Unique probiotic for anorexia & indgestion