Our products for PAIN-INFLAMMATION


Vetoquinol offers a complete range of products for pain relief and prevention. By contributing to the well-being of animals, our company is addressing an ethical and therapeutic issue, as pain has well-known deleterious effects on health.

  • Management  of Pyrexia & Pain As a supportive therapy in high fever cases as in Ephemeral fever (3 day sickness) .Management  of Pyrexia & Pain                        

  • Antiinflammatory, Antipyretic.Proxyvet MP is an effective antipyretic with analgesic.

  • Rapid relief of spasmodic visceral pain such as intestinal colic.Spamovet for rapid relief from spasmodic visceral pain.

  • A Leader Amongst NSAIDs.Global NSAID

  • More convenience with Extra Power with 8%.Tolfine 8%, a powerful and convenient NSAID.

  • A Leader Amongst NSAIDs