Description of Wocef-0.5

Broad Spectrum antibiotic for dogs &   cats

 Indications :

• Respiratory tract infections
• Soft tissue infections
• Secondary bacterial infections          
 • Available in 500mg vial


Ingredient of Wocef-0.5

Composite Pack of A & B    
A. Each vial contains :
 Ceftriaxone Sodium I.P. eq. to Ceftriaxone  0.5 g
B. One ampoule containing sterile water for
 injection I.P. 10 ml

Direction for Use of Wocef-0.5

Dosage & Administration :

Dog & Cat : 10 - 15 mg / kg BW by IM / IV route

To be used by veterinarian

Packing of Wocef-0.5

0.5 gm vial with sterile water