Description of Prednisolone

PREDNISELONE  useful in treatment of primary ketosis in dairy cattle & rheumatoid arthritis in cattle, horses & dogs. Available in 10 ml vial.

Ingredient of Prediniselone

Each ml contains :  

 Prednisolone acetate I.P. -.. 10 mg       
 Benzyl Alcohol I.P.-.. 0.945% (v/v)  (as preservative)                                                         
 Water for injection I.P. ...... q.s.                                                                                          

Direction for Use of Prediniselone

Bovine Ketosis : 100 to 200 mg according to the intensity of ketosuria & the weight of the animal

Horses & Cattle : In cases of rheumatoid arthritis, inflammatory joint conditions involving ligaments, & in bursitis, 40 to 80 mg of prednisolone should be injected by the intramuscular route. Dose may be repeated at 48 & 96 hours, if required

Dog : 10 to 30 mg by intramuscular route10 ml vial

Packing of Prednisolone

Available in  10 ml vial