Description of Nicopass coated

Nicopass, Helps in preventing Ketosis in dairy animals by blocking the G  protein receptor. Avalible in 250 gm pack

Ingredients of Nicopass coated

Composition :

Each kg contains :

Nicotinic Acid (Microencapsulated) ............................. 400 g

Direction for Use of Nicopass coated

Feeding Direction :

Sub Clinical Ketosis:

Prevent Ketosis by blocking G Protein Receptor
10 - 12 g per day, start 7 days before & continue up to 14 - 15  days after parturition

Clinical Ketosis:

Co-Therpy with Ketosis treatment
15 - 20 g daily for 15 days & reduces the re-occurance of Ketosis

Packing of Nicopass Coated

Available in 250 gm