Description of Vodine IU

Vodine IU is an Intra Uterine preparation containing Levofloxacin hemihydrate ,Ornidazole,Alpha Tocopherol Acetate  to be used in ruminants for Intra Uterine infections. Available in 60 ml pack.

Ingredient of Vodine IU

Levofloxacin hemihydrate I.P. - 20 mg                 
Ornidazole I.P. -. 25 mg          
 Alpha Tocopherol Acetate I.P. -. 5 mg    
 Aqueous base -.. q.s.                                                                                                     

Direction for Use of Vodine IU XP

For Cattle, Buffalo, Sheep & Goat :  30 - 60 ml through intrauterine route only, depending
upon the severity of the conditions  60 ml with disposable Veterinary Gloves                                                                                      

Packing of VODINE IU XP

60 ml with disposable Veterinary Gloves