Vetoquinol India AHPL conducts seminar cum training programmes in Bangladesh
04/03/2017 - 14:30

On 21st,22nd & 23rd March, 2017 Vetoquinol India AHPL organized a series of three seminar cum training programmes in Dhaka & Chittagong on behalf of their country partners-Novivo & Speedcare. More than 20 dairy & poultry consultants were present in each of the august gatherings.

Mr Gautam Chatterjee, Managing Director of Vetoquinol India AHPL started the opening session with overview of Vetoquinol as a global brand and its values for sustainable business & solutions in the field of veterinary sciences including dairy & poultry.

Dr Chanchal Maldhure, Senior Product Manager-Dairy discussed the importance of trace minerals in milk producing animals. He emphasised that the chelation of minerals with amino acids are the best method for their optimum bioavailabilty to the animals. Vetoquinol has the advantage of chelating trace minerals with Glycine, which ensures maximum absorption because of its lowest molecular weight.

During this meeting highlighted the growing importance of haematinics in the field of poultry. Vetoquinol India AHPL is the first to introduce an ideal haematinics which is as per the need of the poultry, also discussed the importance of probiotics & MSM (Methyl Sulfonyl Methane) as antistressor agents in poultry.

All the participants were in agreement with the concept and uniqueness of topics addressed by Vetoquinol as a group. There were active participation & warm response on behalf of the participants.

Mr Sayem Haq, Chairman  & Mr Tauheed Hossain, MD, Novivo Healthcare Ltd closed the programmes with vote of thanks to the participants, which was followed by a gesture dinner.

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