Fixotic Advance

Description of Fixotic Advance

Fixotic Advance is effective for the prevention & control of ectoparasites i.e. Ticks, Fleas & chewing Lice in dogs & cats. Easy application and fast absortion on pets skin.

Ingredients of Fixotic Advance

Composition :

Fipronil  0.25% w/v               
S-Metoprene 0.22 % w/V

Directions for use of Fixotic Advance

Preferably bath the pet 1 day before application of fixotic. Shake it well & spray it against the direction of hair except eyes, nose & mouth from a distance of 15 cm. Let the animal be air dried. If needed, massage for proper distribution. Wear hand gloves. Use as directed by veterinarian.

Packing of Fixotic Advance

Available in 100 ml