Venue: Karnal,Haryana,11th May 2015

BSAVA stand

Team Vetoquinol along with Dr Rukadikar at Seminar

Vetoquinol India Animal Health Pvt Ltd subsidiary of Vetoquinol S.A. France conducted seminar on “Chicken Anaemia” at Karnal on 11th May. Seminar was organized in coordination with Karnal Layer Farmers association. Theme of seminar was selected by considering current Chicken Anaemia problem in poultry segment. The seminar brought together the farmers associated with Karnal Layer association, Eminent Poultry Consultants & medicine suppliers. Dr Rukadikar S.B., renowned poultry consultant from Pune was special invitee as a speaker for the seminar.

On the occasion Dr Ruakadikar has thrown the spotlight on various aspects of Chicken Anaemia. He also stated that this is one of the most important issue faced by farmers now a days. As a result, such infection can seriously affect bird performance & farm profitability so proper measures are needed to minimise losses.

 Innovation is the core strength of Vetoquinol and once again it has been proved with launch of new product aRBCe on this occasion. Dr Jeevan launched new product aRBCe, a complete haematinic for poultry & made a detailed presentation. He explained how it will help to alleviate continuously depriving RBC’s in bird. He also demonstrated excellent solubility of aRBCe in water which offers a great advantage for the user over current available brands in the market.

All in all seminar conducted by Vetoquinol India was found to be interesting & informative for the audience


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